Connection and Communication with the Angelic Realm

Just like the deep, calming blue colors of Angelite, this crystal helps to bring stability, tranquility, and protection to your entire body – a very soothing stress reliever!

As this stone works to calm your body, mind, and soul, it starts to activate your throat chakra for communication and your crown chakra to raise your conscious awareness.

In doing this, Angelite helps to connect you with your Angels and spirit guides, facilitating open and honest communication with the physical and psychic realms. While the term ‘Angels’ has many connotations revolving around religion and mythology, in the context of Angelite,

Angels refers to a middle ground between humans and the gods – a divine power, a mediator. This mediator, whatever that means to you, will be essential in heightening your spiritual and psychic awareness.

Approximate size: 3 cm x 3 cm