The Warrior’s Stone of Truth, Courage, and Hope

Much like the deep and ancient Amazonian waters, this crystal has a deep history. Said to have adorned powerful leaders in ancient cultures, in particular the mythical Amazonian female tribe, Amazonite is a popular amulet used to promote courage and hope.

With a strong connection to both the heart and throat chakra, Amazonite works to enhance loving communication, both with yourself and those around you. This crystal is a wonderful manifestation tool that promotes positivity in your life, while facilitating your forward movement without fear of judgement and confrontation.

If this stone has found a way into your life, chances are you are in need of some truth, whether you want to hear it or not. Trust that this stone is in your life for a reason, and meditate with it often to help you find truth so you can persevere from the negative influences holding you back.